What are you looking for?

The fact that you are on our homepage shows that you are looking for something. Disturbing, as it currently is in our country, you may even not even recognize your city and your neighbourhood anymore. You have experienced yourself what this multicultural delusion really means to us. You know what really hides behind the slogans of "diversity", "opportunity", and "enrichment". We will give you pure wine and bluntly tell the truth: the situation is more than serious ...

What awaits us?

During the last decades, a development has been set in motion by corporations, politicians and the leftist media, which today reaches its terrible climax. There is a Great Replacement. We are becoming less and less while we are also being replaced by vast numbers of immigrants. This has nothing to do with enrichment - this is a self-abolition. There can be no talk of integration for a long time. In part, our young people have to adapt themselves to the strangers. Everywhere we experience a raging Islamization. Jihad networks are being formed in multicultural ghettoes. Our country is turning into a barrel of gunpowder.


An open debate about identity

We finally want an open debate on the identity issue in the 21st century. The established opinion spectrum narrows this question only to the utopia of a unified one-world ideology.


Illegal immigration must not become normalized. We need the return of all illegal immigrants in a humane manner and a movement in demographic trends towards remigration. The large population exchange that has been and is underway in Europe requires a clear reversal of the migratory flows. That reversal will serve the preservation of peace, security and freedom in all European countries.

Preservation of ethnocultural identity

Appreciation for one’s own ethnocultural identity
We demand a world of diversity, peoples and cultures. The preservation of our ethnocultural identity must be anchored as basic consensus and as a fundamental right in society.
We, on the other hand, demand a world of diversity, peoples and cultures. The preservation of our ethnocultural identity must be anchored as basic consensus and as a fundamental right in society.

Defence of What’s Ours

We need a healthy relationship to patriotism and love of one’s home place as well as true freedom of expression. For many years, the political left has dominated the media and culture. Now it is time for an identitarian counter-voice to enter the stage. Love of one’s home place is not a crime, but something completely normal. We want everyone to be free to openly and honestly acknowledge their own culture and tradition without having to experience exclusion or discrimination.

Help in Place

Mass immigration destroys Europe and emigration destroys Africa. Let us, therefore, support the regional development of those countries that are characterized by war and poverty, thus creating options for people to remain and to find opportunities in their own homelands.

Secure Borders

Our borders must finally be protected again and the nation-state must regain its sovereignty over border policies. We need immediate government action to regain the security and control of our own territory. Current immigration flows require the immediate implementation of measures to ensure peace and stability in our country.

Youth in motion

We aren’t regular young people. We’re neither money-oriented, nor mainstream leftists, neither national socialists, nor passive and ignorant. The Identitarian Movement walks a path that won’t be dictated by the establishment.

We use our past to find a real future. And unlike the ruling parties we despise restrictions of freedom of thought and speech and we condemn the ideological mistakes of the 20th century. The ethno-cultural identity of us Europeans is prove of what we are and what we are becoming. Even in the Europe of the 21st century the question what makes us what we are prevails.

We want to break away from an allegedly inescapable destiny. We are subversive because we provoke spontaneous attention. We are educated because we need proper analysis before we change society. And we are motivated because the crisis is our adrenaline for the great step ahead.

If you want to know how Europe can prepare itself for the coming events, if you want to talk about fears and the current situation without being stigmatized by the establishment, or if you wonder why European identity is forgotten by the ruling class, then the Identitarian Movement is just what you are looking for.

We are a youth movement, we are the answer to the this irresponsible politics. Are you fed up with tolerating the cowardice of ‘Generation Merkel’? Are you tired of our people surrendering to the madness of leftist ideologists? Do you want to see your family and country flourish again? Do you want to be part of a wind that will be future’s storm? Then join us on the Identitarian path – declare war to the Great Replacement and the demographic catastrophe!

What we use your donation for


Legal aid

Assistance to activists in legal and court costs. Support for state repression.



Investment in advertising material, print products and creative promotional material for thematically focused campaigns.



Establishment of own film and media studios, own news production, equipment procurement.



We do not abandon our activists and support them after left-wing extremist attacks.



Educational material, banners, posters, flyers, stickers and preparation costs for major campaigns



House projects, counterculture, support of young patriotic start Up´s.

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