A Future for Europe – Identitarian Movement successfully protests in Berlin

Under the slogan “A Future for Europe – Move and Change” the Identitarian Movement protested with international support in Berlin. They set a clear sign against politics of permanent crisis and for a peaceful future for the peoples of Europe.

Today’s demonstration was a striking success despite some blockades. These came about because the police wasn’t cooperative  and didn’t fulfil it’s duty which was to make our demonstration possible along its original route. But that’s a minor problem for us.

Different left-wing extremist associations, parties and other groups didn’t manage to get more than 1400 counter-protesters to “their” “red” Berlin – despite mobilization and free bus trips from all over Germany. A large part of the counter-protesters were migrants.

While the usual networks of the so-called “civic society” fail to get more people interested in their political agendas, young identitarians from all over the continent travelled to Berlin paying for the trip themselves.

It was those jung people from France, Poland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria and many other countries who set a clear sign a Europe of patriotism. They proved that there’s still a generation, that doesn’t just bow to the current Zeitgeist.