A Sharp Mind and a Healthy Body

Winning this fight is more than a question of willpower, its about transforming our thoughts into energy into action. I repeat this often but I need to do that: Only action will achieve any change. We need to fight for what we call our home, we need to fight for what we call ours, we need to fight for who we love. For if not we will be sitting in the ruins our idleness created – if we still live then – we will bury what remains of what we called ours. We fight against unbearable odds, shall we give in? Shall we give in to pain and suffering so our children and  grandchildren -if they ever will exist – shall course our memory shall curse us all for living in a mess, in a hell on earth? Just because we didn’t act, because we weren’t capable of suffering like our ancestors in all those wars all those pain and havoc in countless years of fighting for survival, fighting for survival of oneself, the loved ones, ones people.

We may struggle through countless sacrifices, though near endless pain, grief and sorrow caused by a network of lies weaved around our valiant movement, do you every thought about how wonderful the spoils of our work shall be, how great the songs will be sung of our names, how proud our descendants will be of our struggle, of our victory.

For this struggle to succeed our very first enemy will also be the most hardest and brutal of the near endless horde the globalists are sending against us, we will be our first enemy, you will be your first enemy. Its time for you to overcome what made you less of what you really are, its time to suck out the venom in your wounds, not only to refine what still makes you you but also to refine our movement as a hole, every gain you make whether in the gym or in the library can be of vital use to reach our goal, to safe what we love so dear.

Looking to the left we see the polar opposite of what I preach here, we see men and women actively celebrating their own suffering, the left celebrates not only multiculturalism, gender dysphoria and globalism but also obesity, ugliness, mental and physical self-mutilation. Still they are winning, its obvious that it would be way easier to point out the degeneracy of the left if we are their opposite.

Not letting oneself go but aspiring to higher greatness is the answer to fight the left.

Fighting for our cause means spending high amounts of energy in activism, in disputing leftist lies, in actively recruiting more for our righteous cause, it also means being capable of doing that, intellectually and physically.

First of there are no cons of working out and I am not one of those “Do you even lift bro?” there is a countless variety of healthy sports out there which offer a similar refinement of your body and physical work has often many benefits compared to the many disadvantages physical labor includes. Most sports useful in fighting activities (no I am not encouraging any sort of terrorism here) are a good opportunity to train your whole body and even your mind. Kickboxing offered me a vital opportunity to not only train my muscles like I do in the gym but also to train my endurance, my reflexes, my will to fight even when the battle seems clearly lost.

If politics would be won by facts than we would have clearly won the culture war this is a fact, but as long as this is not the case we will need to appear as attractive to the mindless masses as possible. Signs of good health and overall attractiveness are as vital in political work as in dating. Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau are good examples of this. Even do they are clearly our enemies, even non feminist women praise this pair of evil for their overall “sexiness”.

The training of the mind is of even more importance for our valiant cause, too many political movements already consist mostly of bootlickers, the ability to be capable of independent thought, to strive for ones own political consciousness should not be beheld but instead fueled. The Book Market seems to offer countless possibility’s, I strongly encourage to give the fringe material a look too. Political analysis’s and political theories, should always be supplemented with history books, historical novels, and biographies, learning from the old German chancellor Bismarck means learning to smash the left. Just an example: I strongly recommend authors like Hayek, Molyneux and Faye. Books about holding speeches, about charisma, about conversation in generally and should not be left out.

Our enemies may be numerous but they are mindless drones in comparison to our activists. The answer to overcome the wild horde lies not in actively copying their degeneracy but in overcoming them through our superiority, in our arguments, our charisma, our bodies, our minds, our souls ourselves.