Who Stands Against Us


You know, they all love us. Yes really. CNN, BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph and this old poor Lady which couldn’t control her laughing and constantly saw Russians every where. I forgot how shes called. Killary? Hillary?  I do not know but never mind. When it comes to the portrayal of our movement in Mainstream …


How European Is Christianity?

The Old World and the New World are linked together through their common cultural heritage, their common origins and their common religion, in this age Christianity. While Islam slowly encroaches on western shores, infests hole towns and neighborhoods, many conceive a return to Christianity as an answer to stop the Sword of Islam and save …


A Future for Europe – Identitarian Movement successfully protests in Berlin

Under the slogan “A Future for Europe – Move and Change” the Identitarian Movement protested with international support in Berlin. They set a clear sign against politics of permanent crisis and for a peaceful future for the peoples of Europe. Today’s demonstration was a striking success despite some blockades. These came about because the police …