Identitarian resistance in Italy

What happened in Italy on the 23.12.2016, namely the neutralization of Anis Amris in Sesto San Giovanni, not far from Milan, leads to many new debates in my country.

The whole globalist propaganda, which has so far justified the Italian open-border policy, not only in Lampedusa, but all Italy, is now breaking under the savage beating of a creature called reality.

Exactly a year ago our then foreign and current Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni announced that “the terrorists do not come by ferry to Lampedusa”. In the meantime, reality has denied this assertion in a tragic way, confirming precisely what the Identitarian Movement in Italy (Generazione Identitaria) has said since its inception: Lampedusa is the European gateway to terror.

It is inconceivably stupid to think that in a place where entry into the EU is free and there are no identity or passport checks for “refugees”, there is complete security against the underrun by terrorists.

What is happening in Lampedusa ruins not only Italy, but also endangers Austria, Germany and the whole of Europe. As Italian Identitarians, we are ashamed of the blindness of our government, which has only an interest in blackmail other countries: “Do not build walls or we paralyze the European Parliament!”
The “refugee crisis” is also a rush business in Italy, with a bunch of NGOs and churches (which unite) through their “hospitality” and for the “integration” of these “refugees”. The reality is that we do not know who these promotions really go for and what they are used for. The Italian judiciary has already made a bunch of examples of corruption and crime related to the refugee crisis.

The famous Italian villain Salvatore Buzzi, who is now in jail, was intercepted by the police when he said that he “earns more money with refugees than with drugs.” Not only once were the perpetrators involved in such criminal cases in conjunction with officials from liaison parties or active NGOs in our country. This insanity and ignorance cannot exist without a reaction from the identity side. For this reason, but not only from this alone, we raise the awareness of the Italian public with a campaign called “Safe Borders, Safe Cities” by drawing attention to the link between terrorism, crime and open borders.

On the night of the 22nd to the 23rd of December, 2016, some activists, headed by Stefano Bacchiega, the local leader, carried out an action in the Lombardy city of Bergamo that influenced public opinion in the city. Our activists went to the monument of the famous musician Gaetano Donizetti and brought a poster with the inscription “Europa 2050”. To his left the statue of the Muse Euterpe was covered with a niquab. This is to show what is in store for us if we continue to pursue a policy of “tolerance” and multiculturalism. This action was, of course, inspired by other actions in Europe, first of all on the Maria Theresa Monument in Vienna and overall, it was a complete success. At first the newspapers tried to conceal the name of our movement and talked of an “anonymous provocation” and a “joke,” even trying to hide our name on the poster, but according to our press release it was impossible to conceal the truth.

Our movement gained a lot of attention, and suddenly the great newspapers of Italy, such as Corriere della Serra and Il Giorno, began to be interested in the Identitarian Movement, our activism, and our metapolitical work. But this is only the beginning of a long series of actions in Italy, which will prove that our country is not just a “parking ground for refugees”. It is time to make the silent majority speak, because the problems of Islamization and mass immigration, which have made our cities a refuge for jihadists and terrorists, are becoming more and more urgent.

After the terrorist of Berlin lived in Italy and came back after the massacre, all Italians know that they are not safe in our country. The next jihadist could be sitting next to us on the train.

We hope that no more people will die or be mutilated before this tragic consciousness finally leads to the awakening of our people.