Media stage Campaign against Patriot

No mayhem caused by participants of our actions at the Federal Ministry of Justice. Identitarian Movement condemns attacks against personal rights of the activist.

On 24th May different newspapers said that police investigates against a participant of our action at the Federal Ministry of Justice who is suspected of mayhem.

Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland e.V. appreciates the investigation as we are certain that the suspect has not committed any crime according to German law. Witnesses confirm this incident but they couldn’t determine any culpable behavior of the suspect.

The suspect did not fulfill the factual preconditions of mayhem as part of a deliberate decision. Also, at this point, it is unknown whether the finalization of mayhem itself was fulfilled. The suspect expressed himself as follows:

“In the recent days, the campaign against me grew to an unbearable and unreasonable extent. Thus I now see myself forced to submit a statement. First off, I want to say that the claims against me are simply absurd. Sadly I can’t give any additional details at this moment. Everyone who knows me in person knows that I live in accordance with the principle ‘Violence is the last refuge of the weak’. The media abuses this incident as a scandal in the important electoral year of 2017 and has, long before there’s any court decision, formed their decision and found me guilty.

For the media, I’m Public Enemy #1 and sadly there are some people who are influenced by this. Furthermore, I point out that the executive knows where I stay and that I never was on the run. In the coming days, more statements and videos will follow.

“In dubio pro reo” should still be valid in our country.”