New Child Abuse in England!

After decades of cover-up through politics, the media and the authorities, a misuse of abuse of unimaginable proportions has come to light in the next English city.

>> Nearly 400 English girls in a small town have been sexually abused by migrants for years, and everyone has looked away. Similar to Rotherham, criminal gangs from the Pakistani immigration milieu are said to have hunted white minors in Oxfordshire. Their victims, preferably from the white lower class, should have been made submissive by gang rape, drugs and alcohol. “What happened to the underage victims of sexual exploitation in Oxfordshire was indescribably cruel,” said Alan Bedford, the senior author of the study, according to the news agency AFP <<

How many children will have to be sacrificed on the altar of the multicultural utopia? Are the media and politics fomenting the institutionalized abuse of European children by denying these excesses of immigration? Is there a system behind it?

How long do you want to see how our children and women are desecrated by those we at the time offered our hospitality?

Europe is ours! Reconquista now!