Safe borders – Safe Future

Safe borders are basic prerequisites for a secure future. Borders are an expression of state sovereignty and guarantee the peace and security of a people. As Generation Identity we push these obvious contexts into public space by doing strong and creative actions. We demand the establishment of effective border protection for our country.
The beginning of the refugee crisis in Summer of 2015 marks a historical caesura of worldwide state and government history. For the first time in history a government has completely given up of its borders ignoring its neighbour countries and own people. By doing this they forced and unhindered mass immigration from completely foreign cultures into our country which lacks comparison in history.
As Generation Identity we were shocked as we perceived these events. But resignation and inaction are out of question for us. Determined we symbolically moved to the hotspots of these events under the slogan ‘We are the border’ in late fall 2015 and winter 2016. There we had multiple rallies at the German-Austrian border crossing which quickly became a hotspot of the refugee madness. Our goal is to bring our protest right to the places where undesired developments and those responsible for them centralize. If politicians aren’t willed to protect our borders, we have to become active ourselves to inform the people about the failed execution of law.
Borders are prerequisites of sovereign states and create the framework of any kind of ethno-cultural community. They define the social safe space for our people, our homeland, our culture, and traditions. Thus, consequent border protection must become a priority affair of our government. Only safe borders can guarantee a secure future. While many European started to treat border protection seriously again, the situation in Germany is still tense. For this reason, we occupied the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin – one of the most iconic buildings in German history – in order to underline our campaign’s message in Summer 2016.
We’ll continue our activism until our government accepts our demands and guarantees stability, peace, and freedom for our country.
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