Thanks Merkel!

Mid-November 2016 – Federal Republic of Germany: A few days before, it was reported that an orange comet rushes to the earth. The population is just beginning to recover from this shock when Norbert Röttgen, the prime minister of the Foreign Affairs Committee, can finally announce good news again:
Angela Merkel will compete again in 2017 as Chancellor Candidate!

To be sure, the words fell between a conversation between Röttgen and Frederik Pleitgen during a CNN interviews, which had rather the transatlantic relations on the subject. And Madam Chancellor had already emphasized (again and again) that she would only be able to express herself at the appropriate moment ‘at the right time’.
That means (presumably), that one had to wait until the day X and wanted to see whether the cart is finally driven to the wall and a fourth elective victory would be unlikely. For then Mrs. Merkel would have had the possibility of shifting the responsibility to the next chancellor of the union to Ursula, “tank-wife”, von der Leyen, while she withdrew herself from politics, honorable and unconquered.

But only a few days after Röttgen’s interview the happy news comes from the castle of the congress dancer, popularly called ‘Christ union’: Habemus candidatam! Merkel’s candidacy 2017 is confirmed.
And indeed, it was a very smart moment for Angela Merkel to announce this renewed candidacy officially:
It was just that Frank Walter Steinmeier had been appointed the joint presidential candidate of the Grand Coalition. In the last few years as a foreign minister, Steinmeier had had the very ungrateful task of knocking at an authoritarian system after another, to say hello, to shake hands, to represent Merkel’s cheerful FRG. Because the visit of Turkish and Arab territories is currently more exciting to the Foreign Minister than that of Israel, the SPD man in the recent past had to reject the genocide of the Armenians as such.
The latest events of November 2016, however, gave Frank Walter Steinmeier the opportunity to finally prove the moral basis of his person – with an ocean between him and Trump as a protective barrier. His remarks and his words on the occasion of the election of the new American head of state were reminiscent of this.

Fresh wind blows through the state of Denmark with such a wish candidate of the rulers for the office of the Federal President. This is a strong sign against Trump! The Republican has been democratically elected, just like Adolf Hitler (or John F. Kennedy)! In Germany, on the other hand, we have learned from the past and determined the state-government within the politically privileged caste. In order not to make any skirmishes between the heads of state and government, the President of the Federal Republic takes over the position of Greetings: He knocks at other countries, says Good-day, shakes hands, and represents the Chancellor’s system.
In this sense, the experienced Frank Walter Steinmeier is the ideal occupation for the beneficiary of this office in the ruling clique. Anyway, the wear and tear of a constitution-minded system member in the framework of a ridiculous office is certainly better than placing a civil man and a democratically elected candidate on the plastic throne, exposing him to gradual corruption by the powerful.

But now – with such a man as the supreme representative of her policy in prospect – Mrs. Merkel used the favor of the hour and attacked. Especially since she had now also won praise from Barack Obama: Merkel, who according to him stands for great credibility and is willing to fight for her values, deserves appreciation from the Germans.
If, indeed, it were true that Angela Merkel was available to us as a chancellor candidate in 2017, the patriotic-democratic opposition – in the sense of said appreciation – should be mentally prepared to say THANK YOU.

In fact, we are indebted to Mrs. Merkel for her gratitude: her glorious changes in the landscape, her grandiose interventions in the atmosphere of our cities, and the unity of politics of the greatest chancellor of all times, made people leaving their own homes and luring them into the street, she encouraged alternatives to political and cultural shaping, which have strengthened the citizen’s commitment against a system of anti-democracy and anti-popularism.

Of course, we do not know to what extent this is her personal merit, or a so-called deep state, which in a globalized world is certainly not only to be found in the wicked USA, but let’s leave the right-wing populist conspiracy theories. It is indisputable that, irrespective of the actual merit of the laurels, no one other than Angela Merkel, the government minister of the FRG, must have a decisive influence on the internal developments of the recent years. Even if many of the opposition’s thought streams are older than Merkel’s chancellorship and partly from abroad – the democratic and patriotic resistance, especially in the FRG, must thank Angela Merkel for finally providing them with a cause.

Last but not least, with the merkelian candidacy 2017, a major reason for the Germans to thank their chancellor is that they will give their subjects the chance to give her and, if necessary, some of their clique friends the receipt; because Merkel then takes the responsibility and seriously faces the possibility of being voted out from the German people.

Benjamin Nemsic
Image: Kleinschmidt / MSC