The Battle is won on the street

Why an solely political Effort won’t change anything

From Seattle  to Boston, from Dublin to London, from Paris to Berlin more and more nightcaps are waking up after having spend a long slumber. A slumber full of nightmares,  nightmares masked in pretty words, nightmares playfully stealing their victims all sense of reason. Multiculturalism, Genderstudies, Feminism – we all know them we all hate them  – have swept into the minds of the average westerner. When some of them woke from their slumber they decided to partake in this ongoing war in this war for family, folk and country. The Majority of them stood silent, they made their Cross for the right candidat, be it Trump, Farage or  Le Pen. The Minority fought not only by making a cross on them piece of paper but by partaking in the culture war, by calling out the leftists for their insane views, by drawing attention to the ongoing decline of western civilization as a hole be it through our known enemies outside of our people or those inside. The Enemies within gave the opportunity to destroy us to the  enemy without. And still the small minority keeps on fighting them, be it with protest actions, demonstrations, by producing music and art, by trying to rebirth the North American and European Nations. Still the majority of us seeks the easy way thinking to themselves: My comfort before my nation.

Why you can’t put all your hope on politicians

Great Politicians come and go like the wind  just look up how many political movements fucked up in the last century and how many of those who survived changed their heart and soul completely.  It seems that the Democrats control the black vote since ages, that they were those who fought for the rights of the blacks with heart and soul even do they were those who held the whipping hand over the black people. This people are masters of disguise, Trump is the only one in decades who rocked the republicans black approval ratings in decades. But how long will this last? Trump can last long enough for a second term but a third a fourth? No way. Trump may be a highly energetic persons with astonishingly big hands but unfortunately he isn’t immortal. His Age will strain his energy.

Other politicians who are decades younger than Mr. Trump may lack the confidence, experience and charisma he has which is important to sway the normies to our side.  We all know that politics is a hard game and weak leaders can only achieve good polls it enough of the population is at least following his view and tolerating his incompetence which is barely the case.

Turncoats are another case, how do you know that your elected politician is really fighting for your cause and not for his own? That’s common sense. Trusting too much on politicians was one of many reasons past rightwing movements failed.  And Turncoats are everywhere, Alan Skeds, Frauke Petrys and the entire army of neo cons sitting in the White House. Not everyone has a prize but most of the politicians out there do, the War on Guns being a famous example.

Why Metapolitics matter

Identitarians protesting in Berlin 2016

Every good political movement needs a solid and idealistic foundation, the leftwing do understands this and there is no one has been as effective as them in the last decades. there are countless leftwing demonstrations, protests, concerts, conventions etc. Just open your eyes and look out on the street, they are everywhere. They control the streets, the administration, most  clubs and bars, the entire mainstream culture and of course a great part of the parliament. This people spread from social outcasts, perverts, crazy spinsters and radicals to nearly every part of society. They did it through activism through putting their politics in every part of society. They are active, they may live of the welfare state, work in some leftist bullshit organization or as an freelance artist (in my grandfathers times this was the term for lazy fucks), but I need to repeat this, they are active.

While certainly most of us have something better to like working, caring for the family or simply having meaningful hobbies unlike our enemies on the left, one must consider what’s more important to him – being shunned and threatened by leftist thugs which can indeed be a hard weight lasting on your shoulders, but do you want your children or grandchildren to kill and die in the name of Allah and his prophet Mohammed. The end of every part of your culture, tradition and habits you know and love . If not, hear my words: We need to be active, we need to go out and fight for our survival and the survival of our people, we may copy the leftwing, we may found new ways of activism, we may look for inspiration from old long gone movements but we need to do everything in our might to fight for the survival of the Western World. Just look up #DefendEurope, #EuropaNostra or many more identitarian Hashtags online.

To win this fight we need engagement, creativity valor and hope not idleness, dullness, fear and doubt. From a small minority that  keeps on fighting them, be it with protest actions, demonstrations, by producing music and art, by trying to rebirth American Dream and the  European Homeland  we can achieve great changes, we can become the majority. Two to Three Percent of the American People fought 1783 for their people, for their nation, for their dream.  Why don’t we follow their example, why don’t we fight for what is ours , why don’t we stop this ongoing madness?