The Right Identity? – A Thesis

The Question of Identity might be the most uniting and cleaving question our movements ever faced. Its a hard question to be sure, as most nations already experienced an homogenizing effect on their culture, blasting away the last remnants of old customs and traditions in favor of materialism. Only ruins are left of our former glory, of the idealism of our forefathers. Now we are faced to excavate the ruins of old, to rediscover what made us a nation. The Question is which artifacts of old shall we honor again and which shall we left buried in the ground?

In their history our nations experienced wild changes, in government, in religion, in customs and traditions, still there is a consistent line, names may changed, symbols may changed, the causes may changed, but our customs and traditions mostly retained their spirit. European Christianity, especially the catholic and the eastern orthodox churches adopted many pagan festivities, tales, customs and traditions, images. The tale of he warrior fighting the serpent, in the pagan ways for example Thor fighting Jormungandr or in the christian way St. Michael fighting the dragon confirm this.

Over the span of countless generations, our ancestors experienced numerous changes of government, societal structure and political attitude. While the US and Canada mostly experienced societal changes in constitution and therefore did not experienced wildly changing governmental styles, the nations of Europe went through tribalism, feudalism, absolutism, through republicanism, through fascism and socialism etc. Therefore there are many movements clinging to long gone governments and their practicing. The values and practicing of Imperial Germany and Pre-SJW West Germany had as many differences as similarities. Similarly the US has experienced great changes in constitution and society from Reagan to Trump.

But there are not only groups which adhere to past versions of German/British/American identity, considering regional identities should not be left out. Texas and California being the two opposing political axes of the US are prominent examples of states with a strong regional culture. While some promote various regional cultural identity and see is as an aspect of the natural diversity of ones nation other see it as a threat to national integrity.

I see all those disagreements as a threat to our cause, fighting for many different interpretations of our peoples identity in our nations means fighting for the fragmentation of our people and this of course is what we all want to circumvent. Division in our aim and cause will let us easily assailable to the leftist forces – to the forces of multiculturalism, materialism, radical feminism, to the forces of madness and destruction. Standing united in a common aim and cause for a common and uniting identity in our nation is the only possible way our movements can restore our nations to former glory.

Castle Neuschwanstein being a prominent example of combining different aspects of different periods

Therefore I propose thesis that if applied correctly to ones national ethnocultural continuity can be of use to revive ones national identity in such a form and character as to unite different rightwing movements, parties and ones people. A Thesis that will not leave out aspects of the identity of our ancestors but promote and modernize them in a new form supportive of our society and culture overall.

The ideal national identity to follow and promote should not be modeled after the dominant cultural and societal traditional “mainstream” nor should it be modeled after a certain period of time our people have gone through, instead it should consider every cultural aspect that our people have gone through, from every period of time, from every regime our people have gone through and measure it after its viability, its possibility to enhance our peoples uniqueness, its possibility enhance our nation’s stability, our society’s virtue. Therefore using the heroes of old, revived traditions and customs, revived virtues as tool to forge our peoples identity once again.

Why should an American only condemn the first settlers for their religious fanaticism and racism but not be fond of them for their virtue of venturing out into the blue, of creating something new with the bare hands out of diligence and idealism?

Why should an American only condemn the society of the 50s and 60s for its heavy racism but not be fond of it for its highly complex music, its still healthy male to female relations and its encouragement of the beauty?

Why should an American only condemn the Texans for still having a more or less unique regional identity compared to other but be fond of them for showing the way of being traditional?

Why shouldn’t an American strive to revive the positive aspects of such examples?