Who Stands Against Us

You know, they all love us. Yes really. CNN, BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph and this old poor Lady which couldn’t control her laughing and constantly saw Russians every where. I forgot how shes called. Killary? Hillary?  I do not know but never mind.

When it comes to the portrayal of our movement in Mainstream media you will never encounter the same amount of deception, of half-truths, of lies. Like everyone who stands on the right side on the ongoing Culture war the left hates us, they are afraid and disgusted by what we are. They know our true nature even if they wont say it out loudly. They know that we are effective, that we are the ones who change the ongoing political course, we are the ones who are winning the metapolitical war, we promote the right ideas, use the right tactics, we are resourceful and energetic, we are the revolution. And with enough effort, enough ambition and enough men this can happen in the USA too. But before we win this war we need to know all of our enemies, all of them so that we truly know against whom we all are up against. Let us keep Daddy Donald in power lads!

The Churches

Ever since the first priests be they catholic or protestant started advocating for multiculturalism, preaching for diversity and equality, every since Pope Francis started his crazed and delusional speeches featuring and promoted aforementioned horrors we on the right knew that the last hope and bastion of the old conservatism has shattered. Look at the multicultural the Propaganda the TGC promotes. In Europe priests were on the front line of advocating for multiculturalism and in the USA more and more churches open their doors for illegal immigrants. Better prepare for some more Spanish in Church. If the priests cant get you to go to church, they will quickly find an replacement for you.

Southern Poverty Law Center

Years of smearing have proven that the Southern Poverty Law Center is no more than an american reenactment of the KGB. No organisation has undermined its credibility so strongly as the SPLC, still the little commutards continue their work tirelessly, being revered by the SJW’s like little Gods and not for the demons who they are. Getting an Alex Jones Vibe there? Critics of radical Islam like Maajid Nawaz are put on their hate lists. like They put tech companies under pressure to create an totalitarian internet-wide echo chamber, to silence your thoughts, to censor your speech. The SPLC is pursuing an agenda of spreading hate not working against it.


That the Democrats took back Michigan may still be a small scratch to republican rule but as I mentioned in an article before Trumps time is running out and I am only talking about his health not the dire predicaments of the polls. The Democrats will quickly snatch up when they got the right personality to rally behind. I am not talking about someone who may be capable of running the States in any shape or form, I am talking about some popular idiot which they will pull out of mainstream media. Think Oprah or someone like that.


Acting is primarily a blue-state occupation, the majority of working actors lives in California or NY. While the majority of actors may still be white the media they help to produce, the film produces for who they work, the organisations they support are fiercely anti-white. Rallying behind fake rape accusations like Kavanaugh or Lee. Hollywood Films tend to show their anti-white attitude more and more, also pursuing an agenda of radical feminizing connected with the normalization of degenerate behavior like seen in latest films aiming for a primarily female audience. Thereby toxifying our people, destroying man-female relations, national and gender identity. Hollywood is the greatest propaganda machine for the subtle destruction of the west.

George Soros

Now lets talk about the Elephant in the Room. Soros make no secret of his plans to change the West beyond recognition. Soros is a Bastard with no morals or values. He is celebrated by the globalist establishment and voices his support of liberalism while simultaneously having delivered fellow Jews to the Nazis. Soros is a man of hate not love and he hates you. Yes I mean you my fellow right-winger who reads this post right now. You are his enemy and every aforementioned group is influenced by him. This is your enemy. His well funded Open Society Foundations supports leftist anti-white, anti-male and anti-western organisations all around the World.  Trump and Orban are aware of him but even “conservative” Presidents like President Kurz of Austria kiss his foots.  Hungary’s President Oran warned of him in the EU-Parliament and expelled his filth from Hungarian universities. Trump warned of him many times on twitter but it looks like there are not enough Soros enemies on global stage to stop him right now.

What we need is someone who fights the filth that follows him, who fight the left not only in Europe but also and especially in the USA. If the Americans throw out his Thugs out of streets, the parliaments and the elite it will free itself from the globalist yoke and thereby begin a process of destroying the globalists in the whole world.